Gear Doctor

Oct 08, 2015 Beta
This addon hacks into the function that loads your deck and tries to repair the deck. I tested it with "Gear Manager Menu" and the ingame "Gear Manager", but it should work with "Deck Picker" too. What does this addon exactly: - Currently it only works for talismans and weapons - If you use a talisman upgrade it will repair your deck - If you use a glyph upgrade it will repair - If you use a signet of another rarity (but the same type) it will repair What can't the addon do: - If you use a...
Main HUD, default style


Oct 08, 2015 Release
ElTorqiro_AegisHUD AegisHUD UI mod for the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_AegisHUD is an Aegis system management module. It includes a customisable HUD for visualising and interacting with your Aegis layout, an advanced multi-swap hotkey override feature, and an AutoSwap option that can be tailored to your preferences. Feedback, updates and community forum can be found at User Configuration The mod provides an...
Sample view

Mod Folder

Oct 06, 2015 Release
Mod Folder hides all of your mod icons away inside a menu, but only if you want it to. Features Easy access to all your mod icons without cluttering up your screen. Hide some mod icons, pin other to the launcher button!
Thing Hider config

Thing Hider

Oct 06, 2015 Release
Thing Hider, the add-on that hides your things. All hidings are optional. Can hide: Status widgets (weakness, afflict, etc.) Status widgets on offensive target Action bar reflection Cast bar Cast bar on offensive target Compass AP/SP notices
Actionbar Example

Glyphmeister 3000

Oct 06, 2015 Beta
Adds user defined glyphs to the ability bar, the shortcuts bar and team member windows. Ideal for people who use xpadder and a joypad - glyphs for PS3 and XBox controllers are possible! Roadmap: Glyphs on team members nametags. Make shortcut glyphs appear on the inventory items linked to the shortcuts bar. Glyphs on 5 alive team member window.
Sample menu

Deck Picker

Oct 06, 2015 Release
Deck Picker - Pick Your Deck! Deck Picker creates a user-positionable button that, when pressed, will display a list of saved decks and allow the user to select one. Options Some minor customization is available. Menu direction can be specified (up/down and left/right) Menu launcher button can be hidden or recoloured.
Resources top

Resource Relocator

Oct 06, 2015 Release
Resource Relocator - Relocate your resources! Resource Relocator enables, nay empowers, you to move and resize your resource icons. Resource icons can be placed anywhere on screen and at virtually any size! Options Smart hiding for resources. They only display when they're useful! Outlining - so you can see those resources on any background, even ones that are the same colour. Separate positions for left and right resources. Rotate your resource indicators! Fancy pants UI for interactive...

Effects UI

Oct 06, 2015 Release
See your buffs as bars, counters, pips and more! Effects UI - a buff monitor AddOn that displays visualizations of specified buffs. Key Features Monitors active effects and abilites-as-they-cast Multiple types of visualization - bars, warning text, counters, text logs, TSW style icons, loads! Click-to-cancel on cancelable buffs (other buffs, too, with a bit of configuration) As many visualizers as you like. Want 10 different stacks for 10 different groups of buffs? You can! Custom per-buff...
AutoSelect: AEGIS 2.0

AutoSelect: AEGIS

Oct 04, 2015 Release
This addon gives you the option to automaticly swap to the correct AEGIS for your target. Version 2 is completly rewritten from scratch. After the last 30 requests i decided to add Heal-Mode that switches your weapons based on your defensive targets shield. The Addon should now be disabled almost completly in PVP-Areas (to reduce lag). Added the Topbar icon again and AEGIS items and upgrades that gives you a quick overview of all controllers and shields You can move the interface now with the...
Main window


Sep 30, 2015 Release
Hello! Bevis develop new version now, thanks shittakaburi create this addon! Features: Automatically roll according to user-defined settings within three contextual rule sets: Dungeons, Scenarios, and General. AutoNBG automatically shifts between these three loot rule sets. Viper's Topbar Information Overload supported. Works for all languages. Disabled for NY raid. (pending feedback) Work for tokyo with AEGIS now Kaidan Rare Boss’s rare Gadgets (like Nullity Sphere) share General option!...
Ultimate Ability Sample


Sep 30, 2015 Release
ElTorqiro_UltimateAbility An "Ultimate Ability" UI mod for the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_UltimateAbility is a heads-up-display module for tracking the progress of Animus charge, and activating the Ultimate Ability. Major Features integrates an Animus charge meter into a newly designed Ultimate Ability button - the button "fills up" as you charge your Animus option to hide the default in-game Animus charge bar extensive cosmetic options for styling the button just how...
Lair Missions


Sep 23, 2015 Release
MissionHelper is an addon improving the part of the UI related to missions. Mission reward window Lair Features When doing lair missions, it will re-arrange mission reward display to show the fragments in their correct position (in the 3x3 square), while also scanning your inventory to display the pieces you already have. For those doing missions in a group with a dedicated fragment holder, each fragment in the reward window can be right-clicked to open a menu to ask a group/raid member to...
UC 1.5


Sep 10, 2015 Release
Recent updates After a few years break, UltimateCrafter is getting some updates again! There will be a few more small new features in the next days/weeks but nothing major for now (the mod would really need to be rewritten from scratch to make it efficient to implement a lot of new stuff or improve current ones) Donations Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation! Any amount is appreciated. About...
popup view

PvP Auto Join

Sep 03, 2015 Release
This mod replaces the PvP join popup with 2 big changes: Instead of a 30 second countdown for the invitation to expire you get a 10 second countdown (to change role or cancel) before auto-accepting the invite You always have the option to select a different PvP role during the 10s countdown

Valyrie's What's The Time

Aug 29, 2015 Release
Valyrie's What's The Time This add-on will show the lockout timers for you and anyone that is in the same group as you. Note: The lockout information is only available for characters that are near your own character (because of the way the Funcom API works) Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's new in this release Removed dungeons from the mod (as Funcom removed...

Valyrie's Fashionista

Aug 29, 2015 Release
Valyrie's Fashionista This mod will act as a wardrobe where you can create, update, preview and equip different clothing outfits. Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's new in this release Updating or creating a new outfit will now also save your current weapons visibilities to that outfit Equipping an outfit will now also refresh the built in character sheet...


Aug 24, 2015 Release
ElTorqiro_UITweaks Configurable tweaks and addons for the default in-game UI in The Secret World MMO Written and Maintained by: ElTorqiro, The009 What is this? UITweaks is a collection of configurable tweaks and addons for the default UI. It uses a plugin architecture, which allows for in-game enabling/disabling of each plugin, and does not overwrite any of the default game files. Since each plugin is intended to work against the default UI, any custom mods you use that overwrite default UI...
Combat view

Uta Madre

Aug 19, 2015 Release
This addon tracks all 3 Utas during the first fight in the Penthouse dungeon and does it with beautiful unit frames designed by Lux! To initiaze it you just need to target the Utas you want to track and a unit frame will appear for that Uta. It will display: That Uta's shield bar That Uta's health bar That Uta's Sisterly Bond stack size That Uta's current cast If you have an Uta targeted, its unit frame will get a white outline. And you can use the unit frames to switch targets also. You can...
Gear Manager Menu 1.0

Gear Manager Menu

Aug 13, 2015 Release
This addon aims to clone the ingame gear manager but putting it anywhere you want on the screen for quick access. Missing Features Build previews aren't available at the moment Saving/Updating a build saves the whole thing (actives, passives, augments, normal gear, AEGIS gear). This might be configurable in the future. Using the addon Just left-click the icon to open the dropdown! Click on category names to open them, left-click on builds to load them or right-click them to open...

Elgå, a better (?) wardrobe

Aug 02, 2015 Release
The best place for comments is in the secret world's forums : What's new ? 0.5.1 - Bug fix: In name customization window, bad display of default category and default short name for clothings with customized name. 0.5 - UI a lot more compact, as a large column of text is replaced by a thin column of icons. - Elga is not looking for colors in an internally predefined list, instead the clothing name...