Thing Hider config

Thing Hider

Jul 24, 2014 Release
Thing Hider, the add-on that hides your things. All hidings are optional. Can hide: Default buff icons. Default buff icons on offensive target Status widgets (weakness, afflict, etc.) Status widgets on offensive target Action Bar Cast bar Cast bar on offensive target Compass Bottom screen fade


Jul 17, 2014 Release
This mod removes the AP and/or SP Icons when you are at Max AP or SP. This mod dose not modify any other files so it is compatible with other addons. It will work with updated limits even if you are not at 515 AP limit. Current Version only hides the icons. Upcoming Ideas: Hide XP/AP Bar when at max Change Color of AP/XP bar wen at max. Other Ideas Still being considered. Installation Extract the contents of the zip file into: YOUR_TSW_DIRECTORY\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash This will add the...
General window


Jul 17, 2014 Release
Hello! Bevis develop new version now, thanks shittakaburi create this addon! Features: Automatically roll according to user-defined settings within three contextual rule sets: Dungeons, Scenarios, and General. AutoNBG automatically shifts between these three loot rule sets. Viper's Topbar Information Overload supported. Works for all languages. Disabled for NY raid. (pending feedback) Work for tokyo with AEGIS now Kaidan Rare Boss’s rare Gadgets (like Nullity Sphere) share General option!...
ElTorqiro_AegisHUD screenshot


Jul 11, 2014 Release
The default AEGIS swap buttons are frustrating to use, since they only allow you to rotate through AEGIS controllers one at a time, and you can't see which controllers are in which "rotate direction". This mod replaces the default swap buttons with a full AEGIS selector HUD, so you can directly click on the one you want to activate. The regular AEGIS rotate hotkeys still work, and the HUD natively reflects any changes you make. It will also show you which of your slotted weapons each AEGIS...


Jul 05, 2014 Beta
AEGISHelper 0.2 Description This will auto-swap AEGIS controllers on your first weapon (left side) when changing offensive targets. If you have the appropriate AEGIS controller on your second weapon (right side) it will not attempt to change your AEGIS. Right now swaps will only happen when your target is changed. What's new in 0.6.1: Fixed type-o in option window Fixed display of AEGIS XP to stop truncating Fixed strangeness with Viper's Top Bar integration Features: Current Features...
Bar visualizers

Effects UI

Jul 02, 2014 Release
Buffs are not just for bars anymore! Effects UI - a buff monitor AddOn that displays visualizations of specified buffs. Key Features Monitors active effects and abilites-as-they-cast Multiple types of visualization - bars, warning text, counters, text logs, TSW style icons, loads! Click-to-cancel on cancelable buffs (other buffs, too, with a bit of configuration) As many visualizers as you like. Want 10 different stacks for 10 different groups of buffs? You can! Custom per-buff colouring...


Jun 22, 2014 Release
Mission Info modifies the mission tracker on the right side of the screen. When you hover over a mission's icon or text, you'll get a tooltip with the flavor text of that mission's current tier. Additionally, clicking on the currently active mission's icon will show any associated image, video, or audio clip. The Mission Journal can be opened by selecting the active mission in the mission bar (the part that auto-hides). New official developer site:
Actionbar Example

Glyphmeister 3000

Jun 22, 2014 Beta
Adds user defined glyphs to the ability bar, the shortcuts bar and team member windows. Ideal for people who use xpadder and a joypad - glyphs for PS3 and XBox controllers are possible! Roadmap: Glyphs on team members nametags. Make shortcut glyphs appear on the inventory items linked to the shortcuts bar. Glyphs on 5 alive team member window.

Valyrie's Friends Enhanced

Jun 09, 2014 Release
Valyrie's Friends Enhanced VFE extends the original Friends menu by adding some much needed functionality like preferred player roles and personal notes about players. It will replace the standard Friends.swf file and will therefore not work with any other (possible) add-ons that does the same. Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's new in this version Export and...
In use

Valyrie's Infarmer

Jun 08, 2014 Release
Valyrie's Infarmer Keep a visual track on-screen of the progress of selected achievements that you aim to complete/farm. Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's new in this release Fix: The "Eternal Echoes"-tab in the Achievement window (introduced with Tokyo) will now be shown properly when Infarmer is installed Current Features The mod automatically detects and...

Valyrie's Fashionista

Jun 08, 2014 Release
Valyrie's Fashionista This mod will act as a wardrobe where you can create, update, preview and equip different clothing outfits. Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's new in this release Adjusted addon to work with the API changes Funcom made for Issue 9 (Tokyo) Fix: Previewing and equipping of outfits is now slower to increase the chance of success (seems FC...


May 29, 2014 Planning
This mod plays a weapon-appropriate sound announcement when your Breaching Shot, Deadly Aim, or Short Fuse blocker debuffs are removed. No more worrying over staring at a buff bar to figure out whether you're being trolled by a Mercurial augment!


May 27, 2014 Release
This addon adds a drag and drop Hotbar to the UI. Items on the Hotbar can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts. See the readme for further instructions. Source code is available via git from curseforge. If possible, please try to use the official forum for discussion in order to consolidate potentially useful information in one place.
Need/Greed config window

Auto Need / Greed

May 24, 2014 Release
This add on allows you to define rules for automatically needing or greeding items. Rules are checked from top to bottom, first match will be executed. The text field can match on item names. In the example above, anything having "Theatrics" in the name will get passed on. The "*" matches all names. The QL and Rarity boxes are Ranges, left one is the lower value. In the example, everything from white to blue will be greeded on. On the right, rules can be removed, added and moved. If no rule...
Example warning for an auxilliary ability

XDem's Cooldown Watcher

May 20, 2014 Release
This add-on notifies you when some of your abilities are off cooldown and ready to be used again. Write the abilities' name in the settings window, and whenever they go off cooldown, a notification will be shown on your screen. While the Settings window is open, you can change the position and size of the notification by dragging the sample notification around and using the mousewheel to zoom it in and out. The mod also integrates with Viper's TIO. You can also open the settings window by...

Valyrie's The Expandables

May 11, 2014 Release
Valyrie's The Expandables Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! Description This add-on let you hide/expand individual inventory bags to make sure they are not in your way when interacting with the bank, vendors and similar. What's new in this version Fix: Further adjustments to prevent icons resetting their positions Current features Made as a separate add-on, this way...

TSW Text Adventure Editor

Apr 10, 2014 Planning
An editor for the Blackhole PC Bang text adventure games. This is a PROTOTYPE only, at least for now.

Valyrie's Pet Handler

Mar 02, 2014 Release
Valyrie's Pet Handler This add-on will keep your pet summoned (or summon a new random pet) when zoning, dying and so on. Donations It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you! What's New Fix: Clicking the icon will now always open the Settings window, regardless of number of pets owned. This will fix the problem where people selecting "only show favorite pets" while having no pets set as...
Auctioneer 0.6


Feb 02, 2014 Release
Abandoned as of 22Feb14: The End Features: Automatically price a range of items on the broker based on the current market price. Automatically retrieve earnings from mail. Automatically de-list expired auctions. Viper's Topbar Information Overload supported. First Time Set Up Open the Tradepost window and either type "/auctioneer" or select the Auctioneer icon on your Top Bar. Define a range of slots to be used by placing their numbers in "First Slot" and "Last Slot". For the purposes of this...


Jan 19, 2014 Release
Description This mod shows all of your saved builds from the GearManager on a resizeable window. It allows to preview, share and equip the selected build. Version Notes Initial Release Current features * List of builds on a resizeable window * Equip * Share * Preview * Topbar Information Overload-Integration Installation Unpack the .zip archive into the TSW-folder, overwrite if files already exists. It should look like this: \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\BuildList\CharPrefs.xml...