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    Pax South 2015 was amazing. San Antonio's weather was a bit petulant at first with cold rain on arrival. That quickly cleared up and most of the convention was sunny and warm. Several CurseForge team members attended to meet with our client users, authors and community members. As a way of giving back to the community and a great excuse for good food CurseForge sponsors dinner at the conventions we attend. For Pax South our dinner was held at Texas de Brazil a Brazilian Steakhouse with all you can eat steaks, filet, and bacon. There were also some vegetables somewhere.

    We had 30 seats and ended up expanding to 40 seats. And with Pax East just a few weeks away we plan to do it again.

    We have had a couple issues at the past 2 dinners with people not knowing the dinner was occurring and not getting their invitation. To prevent this for Pax East we'd like to get an idea of who would like to go with us. We have not decided on the location for Pax East yet since we need to know how many guests before we can make a reservation.

    If you would like to be on the list for invites please fill out this 3 question survey with some form of contact information for us to send the invite to. You can choose what to answer and what contact information you want to give us if any. Community members with valid contact information will have a higher chance of getting an invitation to future CurseForge dinners at conventions. Twitter and Curse accounts are valid contact options if you prefer not to give us your email. This is not only open to authors, community members are welcome too.

    Once we have an idea how many people want to join us for food and drinks we'll make a reservation and send out invites. It will be some form of steakhouse or other traditional restaurant type. There will be vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact jadedcat@curse.com .

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    If you are headed to Pax South, or you will be in the San Antonio,TX area on Saturday Jan 24th, you are invited to dinner on us. In the tradition of Texas dinner will be steak. There may be vegetables hidden somewhere.*

    Dinner will start at 7pm. You must be 17+ to attend. You must be 21+ with valid ID to drink alcohol. Come hang out with FTB, Curse, streamers, youtubers, authors, and anyone else that stops in.

    Space is limited, RSVP to jadedcat@curse.com for confirmation of seating and location.

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    Half of the CurseForge team is headed to Pax South Jan 22-26th. During this time approvals may take slightly longer than normal, especially during the 10pm to 10am shift (CST). We will still be checking the queues and approving files, but we will be away from our computers with only hotel internet to rely on, so delays may occur. If you are going to be at Pax South, come find us and say hi. Or RSVP for the CurseForge Dinner.

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    The CurseForge Team gets a lot of satisfaction from improving our service to mod developers and players. Over the course of the last few months the team has been revamped and schedules shifted to ensure someone on the team is available 24/7. While the team plans to continue to keep this schedule in place, we are fast approaching the holiday season. Here in the states it starts Thurs, Nov 27th with the roasting of a turkey, overeating and spending time with family (whether we want to or not). On the 27th, approval times for files will be partially determined by how annoying our family members are. The faster they are approved, the more likely we are hiding from crazy Aunt Edith or our mother's "When do I get grandchildren" line of questioning. Should our family time be nice, files may take longer than the average to process and approve. On the following day Nov 28th file process times may also be delayed depending how long the food comas last. Dec 2-6 file approval times will be affected by the annual company Christmas dinner and shenanigans involving dragons, elves and water balloons. Dec 24th and 25th will also be slower as again societal norms insist we spend time with family members. Once the annually required family affection and "quality" time has passed, the griffons and dragons will be back at work and regular approval times will recommence.

    File processing delays: Nov 27th-28th, Dec 2nd - 6th and Dev 24th - 25th

    For problems not related to file processing/approval:

    Absolute Emergency (dragons burnt the town, villagers are rioting) private message : CFEmergency Admin

    Normal Emergency (gremlins, imps and evil pixies) contact: Support Desk

    We will still be watching, but response time will be delayed. Happy Holidays to everyone.

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    As some of y'all may have noticed we have been changing things on CurseForge in preparation for launching the new Elerium platform. On Thursday May 8th we will be taking the Minecraft section of CurseForge down for 3-5 hours while the new system is magically installed by a team of highly trained griffons. This update will improve the overall look and functionality of CurseForge and put the foundation in place for several of the upcoming features. Most of this change is visual and streamlining the process of creating and managing projects.

    Once the foundation is in place and the team of code elves gets some more cookies and milk the next step of the process will be to add new features.

    Below is a list of some of the new features the elves are working on in between cookie breaks:

    - A true dependency system - so when a mod says "I need xyz mod to be installed with me" the client will know this and go grab the appropriate version for the user
    - CI services for mods - who really wants to spend all their time uploading files when they could just build their project and upload it at the same time.
    - Support for crowd sourcing localization - don't speak Klingon? That's ok someone does and they might just stop by and give you a translation you can use.
    - Eventual Minecraft integration for the upcoming Curse Client. - All the nuts and bolts and magic fairy dust needed to ensure the users can download and install modpacks, texturepacks, mods and worlds without ever visiting the website.

    Users will still be able to download from the Curse.com site during this downtime. However you will not be able to upload any new projects,files or images or access your existing ones while the code griffons do their job. Hopefully all goes smoothly and the rng gods don't strike us with lightning and break things which would of course lead to extending the down time while battle was waged against the forces of darkness. The dev.Bukkit site will not be affected.

    Some previews of what the new site will look like:




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    The CurseForge Git HG and SVN repos will be offline for aprox 3-5 hours while the maintenance goblins do some work on the servers and evict some gremlins. Don't panic, normal operating behavior will resume as soon as possible.

    Ways to spend your time while waiting:

    - Tea
    - Cocoa
    - get a massage
    - go outside, the graphics are incredible
    - watch a movie or 2
    - try out a new game
    - read a book
    - look up cat pictures


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    As we start preparing for the new system (yay new features) we are working on getting mods moved out of the Legacy Categories. Right now if you are in a Legacy Category and not in new categories your mod is harder for the users to find. We are reading through the descriptions of mods that have not been moved to new categories and are putting them in the (hopefully) appropriate category. You can of course edit the categories and change them to where you feel the mod belongs. Please do not pick "World Gen" as it will not be a selectable category in the new system, pick an appropriate sub-category.

    While we are doing this we would also like to see mod authors add a default image to any non-api, non-library mod.  This image shows up in the search list and draws more attention to your mod from the users browsing the lists.

    Please forgive us if we put your mod somewhere you don't feel it belongs.

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    It has been remarked on that the current category system is mildly non-specific for Minecraft Mods. So we gave you new specific categories that should help better organize your mods and help end users find what they are looking for.

    When editing categories, make sure you change both Primary and Secondary categories. Use Project Management and click on Edit Project. Then go down and use the dropdown menu to select your Primary Category then pick up to 4 Secondary Categories.

    The old categories have been moved to Legacy and will be disappearing when the new system is put in place. Currently if you are using a Legacy Category other than Forge or Other users will not be able to sort with that category.

    Feel free to comment if you feel a category is missing.

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    Minecraft Texture packs have new categories. Using these categories will help users looking to download a specific resolution or style of texture pack. Edit your project and pick the categories that match best. This will help ensure a smoother transition to the new system, as well as making it easier for the end user to find packs.

    The category icons are temporary and will be updated soon.

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