Minecraft CurseForge Upgrade

As some of y'all may have noticed we have been changing things on CurseForge in preparation for launching the new Elerium platform. On Thursday May 8th we will be taking the Minecraft section of CurseForge down for 3-5 hours while the new system is magically installed by a team of highly trained griffons. This update will improve the overall look and functionality of CurseForge and put the foundation in place for several of the upcoming features. Most of this change is visual and streamlining the process of creating and managing projects.

Once the foundation is in place and the team of code elves gets some more cookies and milk the next step of the process will be to add new features.

Below is a list of some of the new features the elves are working on in between cookie breaks:

- A true dependency system - so when a mod says "I need xyz mod to be installed with me" the client will know this and go grab the appropriate version for the user
- CI services for mods - who really wants to spend all their time uploading files when they could just build their project and upload it at the same time.
- Support for crowd sourcing localization - don't speak Klingon? That's ok someone does and they might just stop by and give you a translation you can use.
- Eventual Minecraft integration for the upcoming Curse Client. - All the nuts and bolts and magic fairy dust needed to ensure the users can download and install modpacks, texturepacks, mods and worlds without ever visiting the website.

Users will still be able to download from the Curse.com site during this downtime. However you will not be able to upload any new projects,files or images or access your existing ones while the code griffons do their job. Hopefully all goes smoothly and the rng gods don't strike us with lightning and break things which would of course lead to extending the down time while battle was waged against the forces of darkness. The dev.Bukkit site will not be affected.

Some previews of what the new site will look like:






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