Curse and Twitch are joining forces!

Hello Authors!


Today we’re happy to announce the ability to merge your Twitch account with Curse! As many of you know, and some of you don’t know, Curse was acquired by Twitch in late August of 2016.


Since then we have been working diligently behind the scenes to integrate Twitch services and offerings into our ecosystem, as well as ours into theirs. This is the next step in that process.


Unifying the login process is the first step in allowing us to offload much of the development load back to home base and move our resources more to just working on the individual experiences of each community.


In addition to this, it means that there is now a much narrower entry point helping to prevent spambot creation.


Okay, fluff is out of the way. Let’s get down to business!


What’s happening to my CurseForge account?


Nothing! This only changes how you authenticate with our services. We’re just adding the ability for you to login with your Twitch credentials! That’s it.


A few things to note:


  • Your CurseForge display name will stay the same if you choose
  • You will not lose any of your forum posts, site activity, or account information
  • Merging accounts is completely optional for now
  • This brings in the much requested ability to enable 2FA. You can merge your accounts and enable 2FA on your Twitch profile page.
  • Merged accounts gain access to premium addon features inside Curse App

Once you’ve merged your accounts, you will from that point forward log into CurseForge with your Twitch credentials.


Although merging is currently optional, this will change in the future as we move to simplify and secure the authentication process.


Cool. Now HOW do I merge my account?


That’s the easy part! The next time you go to login, you will have the option to either login with your Curse credentials, or your Twitch account. You can easily create a Twitch account if you do not have one currently. After creating/logging in with Twitch and authorizing Curse access to your Twitch account, you will be asked to enter your Curse credentials.


Poof! Connected. From this point forward, you should login in to CurseForge with your Twitch account. It’s that simple.


During this process, you may be given the option to update your Display Name. Please note that this does not affect your username, which will become your Twitch username, but only affects the name people see which works the same as it always has.


Ew! Twitch?! What is that, I don’t like it, I don’t watch live streams, etc etc etc!


No worries! It’s optional for the time being. Furthermore, once you create your Twitch account, you aren’t required to go there unless you want to. (Editor’s Note: As a streamer, I’m biased. I personally love the place).


This move’s primary goal is to consolidate our resources into a central location. We have hundreds of thousands of users coming in and out of CurseForge, and not utilizing the resources available to us would be silly.


Help! Something has gone horribly, terribly wrong!


Got Twitter? @CurseForge - we’ll be watching it around the clock.

Got E-Mail? cfmoderation[at]

Got Internet? - submit a ticket, this goes to the whole team!



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