Effects UI 1.0


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    Sep 28, 2014
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  • Configuration UI has been updated for new options.
  • Reworked behaviour types. Options are now "Show..." or "Show only listed...".
  • Added option to exclude effects by name from "Show everything" visualizers.
  • Added option to exclude effects by type (special, non-hostile, hostile) from "Show..." visualizers.
  • New glob matcher "@special".
  • Click-to-cancel can now be disabled.
  • Visualizer labels and timers are now optional and present on all visualizers.
  • Removed "excitable" visualizers (can still be made excitable by using the "excite" keyword).
  • Removed "(Labelled)" visualizers (all visualizers can now have labels).
  • Removed "Warning Text (Timed)" visualizer (all visualizers can now have timers).
  • Visualizers that do not show tooltips or use click-to-cancel will now pass clicks through to game.
  • New visualizer: Buffagon.
  • New visualizer: Countdown.
  • Improved default visualizers for new users.
  • Stack circle text positions now finalized
  • Sundry internal wossname, etc.


  • Tooltips less likely to be drawn off screen.
  • Stack circle on castbars now in intended place.
  • Cast bars should now work properly in Fusang and other places with nameless casts.
  • Alpha on castbars no longer applies to text.
  • Visualizer reordering should not make anything vanish now.

Known issues
* Remaining time on casts may not be accurate for the first few ticks
* Buffs on team member visualizers can sometimes be missing following a /reloadui
* Glob matching with * allows only one *