[SWL] Lassie's Waypoints

Contains all legend/lore, and champions currently accessible in open world.  It does not include legends in instances without maps.  There are no quest objectives, however, with enough requests, I will consider adding them in. As of right now, this is just a static waypoint file that adds the waypoints to the in game map.


Has been updated and field checked for SWL, and will continue to be updated with the release of new content and seasonal events.


Global and Regional legends are marked with L

Bestiary legends are marked with B

Any specific bestiary summon pieces are marked with M


I now include a copy that uses custom icons for the lore and champions. Please note that uses the custom icons means you cannot change the waypoints in game or it will erase the use of the custom icons.


Please let me know if you find anything that needs correcting!



Please note using these files will overwrite existing custom waypoints. If you wish to merge your custom waypoints with these, please refer to the Merging section of the README. Files that Use custom icons now included.


NOTE TO STEAM USERS: A clean install of the game will have a folder named "UserName" instead of your SWL username.


To install waypoints:

1: Locate your custom waypoint folder.

     default locaiton: "%localappdata%\Funcom\SWL\Prefs\[SWL Username]\Waypoints"

2: Copy the .xml files from the All folder of choice to the custom waypoint folder.

    Note: If you have custom waypoints, please refer to the merging section of the readme.

3: Delete the .bxml files.

4: Start game and enjoy.


To install custom icons:

1: Copy the contents in the Icons folder to Data\Gui\Default folder.


To Uninstall waypoints:

1: Locate your custom waypoint folder.

    default locaiton: "%localappdata%\Funcom\SWL\Prefs\[SWL Username]\Waypoints"

2: Delete all .xml and .bxml files that you wish to remove.

    Note: if you wish to keep specific waypoints please refer to the demerging seciton.


I have done my best to make the files as user friendly as possible, so if you plan on using these files across your account with alt characters, I have included a README in the download that instructs you on how to comment out legends in an area to temporarily hide them.



The following legends are currently not available as of SWL Update 2.0.2:

Draculesti 8, currently locked behind a door (You can over the shoulder camera clip the door for it)

Filth 2, missing from all current maps (So far as I can find)

The Sunken City 6-8, unavailable so far (presumed on higher level scenarios)


The following legends are not available until the release of inner and/or outer Tokyo:

Draug: Deep Ones 3, 7

Filth and Humans 1, 3-6

Filth and Nature 1, 4, 5


Little Ones


Oni 1, 3, 4

Orochi Tech 4-6

Rakshasa 1, 4

Spectres 3, 6, 9-11

The Jinn and the First Age

The Collective Unconscious

Fear Nothing Foundation

The Mitsubachi

The Jingu Clan

The House-in-Exile

The Korinto-kai


Uta Bloody Valentine



Immediate Plans:

 - Tokyo Lore

 - Event Lore

 - Rare Bosses


Future Plans:

 - In game control and interface



Special thanks to Hessonite for providing coordinates for champions, and to Ayjia, for formatting and ground check.


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