Dec 07, 2016 Release
This addon is inspired by Vipers Topbar Information Overload, and is even more overloaded und updated to the current game version. It has the features of VTIO to show addons, latency, FPS, online cabal mebers, online friends, black bullions, PAX, inventory space, mapcoordinates, ... And it also includes features like auto-select aegis, deck picker, aux picker, autosprint, auto pet summoning, DPS and HPS counter, ... Mostly everything can be dragged as you wish on your topbar using the GuiLock...


Nov 17, 2016 Release
Shows alerts before addspawns in eidelon NM, and on matching AEGIS eruption in flappy NM. This happens in the following way: 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds before eidelon add-spawn the mod will beep and show a big red message. Right before spawn it will double-beep. When flappy casts AEGIS Eruption, and for four seconds, the mod will beep and show a big message. For five seconds before the eruption, the mod will beep and show a message again. Roughly around eruption it will double-beep. The mod...


Oct 18, 2016 Release
Makes minor visual changes to the standard nametags. For non-targeted mobs: * Hide everything (name, strength indicator, faction rank) * Show healthbar when mob is injured, but smaller than normal and without text For hostile target: * Increase healthbar size * Show health/aegis as percent if maximum is above 100k * Optional forced position on screen For rare and scenario mobs: * Show name, regardless of distance For group and raid mobs: * Show name and hp bar The in-game option to show...

Master Loot Reminder

Sep 24, 2016 Release
v1.0a features: Entering one of the three raid zones as a Raid Leader will trigger a prompt asking if you'd like to enable Master Looter. Zones monitored: "Manhattan Exclusion Zone", "N'Gha-Pei the Corpse-Island", "Agartha Defiled" Installation: Unpack the .zip archive into <The Secret World Directory>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\ folder, overwrite if files already exists. If The Secret World is running when you install this addon, you must completely close the game client and restart before...

Glance Testing

Sep 13, 2016 Planning
Mod for collecting combat data from dummies or mobs.
Main HUD, default style


Jun 18, 2016 Release
ElTorqiro_AegisHUD AegisHUD UI mod for the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_AegisHUD is an Aegis system management module. Feature highlights: customisable visual HUD for tracking and interacting with your Aegis controllers advanced AutoSwap module that can be configured with a range of different rulesets for various roles show Aegis xp percentage directly on each controller's icon, no need to tooltip anymore hotkey override feature, with multi-select support can hide+disable...

Inventory Sorter

May 27, 2016 Release
When looting mines, first aid kit, turret and bear arms in scenarios this mod will attempt to move them to an inventory bag named 'Scenario'. It will also delete any transylvanian theatrics you pick up.
Ultimate Ability Sample


May 25, 2016 Release
ElTorqiro_UltimateAbility An "Ultimate Ability" UI mod for the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_UltimateAbility is a customisable Ultimate Ability button. Feature highlights: integrates an Animus charge meter into the button; the meter fills up as your Animus charges, and lights up when full option to hide the default Animus charge bar customisable colours and styles for the various button elements (looks nicer than the default button!) tints the button according to which...


May 25, 2016 Release
ElTorqiro_UITweaks A collection of configurable tweaks for the default UI in the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_UITweaks is a collection of configurable tweaks and addons for the default UI. It uses a plugin architecture, which allows for in-game enabling/disabling of each plugin, and does not override or modify any of the default game files. Join the conversation with feedback, bug reports, and update information on the official TSW forums at...
Offensive Target window


May 25, 2016 Release
ElTorqiro_TargetsSquared A target tracking UI mod for the MMORPG "The Secret World" What is this? ElTorqiro_TargetsSquared is a target tracking module, which allows you to see what your offensive target is focusing on. Feature highlights: track your enemy's offensive target - useful in dungeons to know definitively what is happening with agro track your enemy's defensive target - useful in PvP to know who an enemy healer is focusing on fully customisable visuals, including highlight effects...

Untold Stories of The Secret World

Apr 03, 2016 Release
Untold Stories of The Secret World is a MOD that allows you to write your own missions for The Secret World. I have written three missions that demonstrate the foundation of the system and the features that are available. My hope is that this will spark interest in the community and expand over time. Installation instructions are in readme_untold.txt. Start a mission by selecting Untold Stories from the TSW menu. IMPORTANT: Untold Stories was previously known as "Underground Missions". If you...
Main Window


Jan 17, 2016 Release
Hi folks, AutoNBG looking for new maintainer, this addon already open source code, anyone want to get it and keep develop it, you can find it in my Github. After v1.8.3, I will not keep develop this addon anymore, if anyone want to take over, you can send message to me, or contact me in Twitter: About Curse, I can add you to Author permission, that will not effect player update this addon. Thank everyone support me develop this addon since 2014! Bevis Features:...

Effects UI

Dec 14, 2015 Release
See your buffs as bars, counters, pips and more! Effects UI - a buff monitor AddOn that displays visualizations of specified buffs. Key Features Monitors active effects and abilites-as-they-cast Multiple types of visualization - bars, warning text, counters, text logs, TSW style icons, loads! Click-to-cancel on cancelable buffs (other buffs, too, with a bit of configuration) As many visualizers as you like. Want 10 different stacks for 10 different groups of buffs? You can! Custom per-buff...
UC 1.5


Dec 07, 2015 Release
Recent updates After a few years break, UltimateCrafter is getting some updates again! There will be a few more small new features in the next days/weeks but nothing major for now (the mod would really need to be rewritten from scratch to make it efficient to implement a lot of new stuff or improve current ones) Donations Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation! Any amount is appreciated. About...
Need Greed config

Auto Need / Greed

Nov 16, 2015 Release
This add on allows you to define rules for automatically needing or greeding items. Rules are checked from top to bottom, first match will be executed. The text field can match on item names. In the example above, anything having "Theatrics" in the name will get passed on. The "*" matches all names. The QL and Rarity boxes are Ranges, left one is the lower value. In the example, everything from white to blue will be greeded on. On the right, rules can be removed, added and moved. If no rule...
AutoSelect: AEGIS 2.0

AutoSelect: AEGIS

Nov 05, 2015 Release
This addon gives you the option to automaticly swap to the correct AEGIS for your target. Version 2 is completly rewritten from scratch. After the last 30 requests i decided to add Heal-Mode that switches your weapons based on your defensive targets shield. The Addon should now be disabled almost completly in PVP-Areas (to reduce lag). Added the Topbar icon again and AEGIS items and upgrades that gives you a quick overview of all controllers and shields You can move the interface now with the...

Gear Doctor

Nov 03, 2015 Release
This addon hacks into the function that loads your deck and tries to repair the deck. I tested it with "Gear Manager Menu" and the ingame "Gear Manager", but it should work with "Deck Picker" too. Since version beta2 it does'nt try to repair the deck, instead it tries to reliably load it. What does this addon exactly: - Currently it only works for talismans and weapons - If you use a talisman upgrade it will repair your deck - If you use a glyph upgrade it will repair - If you use a signet of...


Oct 31, 2015 Release
Mission Info modifies the mission tracker on the right side of the screen. When you hover over a mission's icon or text, you'll get a tooltip with the flavor text of that mission's current tier. Additionally, clicking on the currently active mission's icon will show any associated image, video, or audio clip. The Mission Journal can be opened by selecting the active mission in the mission bar (the part that auto-hides). New official developer site:
Gear Manager Menu 1.0

Gear Manager Menu

Oct 25, 2015 Release
This addon aims to clone the ingame gear manager but putting it anywhere you want on the screen for quick access. Missing Features Build previews aren't available at the moment Using the addon Just left-click the icon to open the dropdown! Click on category names to open them, left-click on builds to load them or right-click them to open update/rename/share/preview/delete menu. To move/resize the icon, enter GUI Edit Mode (lock icon in top right corner) and you'll be able to drag it around...


Oct 24, 2015 Beta
This simple addon will keep you buffed by using tacos/benefaction pots in these zones: - All 11 dungeons - All 3 raids - All 3 scenarios If you're without a a taco/tonic when entering these, it will use them (and again when they expire or you die). It won't use the last item of a stack so they can be refilled easily by auto-buy addons. Currently there are no settings so the only way to disable the autp-buffing is to disable/enable the addon with that command: /setoption TacoTonic_Enabled...